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The Issue Concerning
Polish Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science

No. 6   Contents

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and their Main Subjects

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No. 1 / Winter

  • Editoral Comments
  • QED Initiative
  • Mechanization of Reasoning
  • Lvov-Warsaw School Centenary (G.Falkenberg, J.Jadacki)

    No. 2 / Spring

  • Formalization of Mathematics (J.Harrison, M.Kerber, J.Grundy)
  • On Leibniz (W.Marciszewski)
  • Logic and Rhetoric (J.Woleński)

    No. 3 / Summer

  • Mizar-MSE Checker
    (H.J.Hoover & P.Rudnicki,
    W.Marciszewski, M.Mostowski)

    1 9 9 7

    No. 4 / Autumn

  • Classics of Rational Belief (Descartes, Peirce, James)
  • On demon-like procedures in forming beliefs (W.Marciszewski)
  • Robbins' Problem solved by computer!

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    No. 5 / Winter

  • Contributions to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of Leibniz's Birth
  • 1. Polish Asociation for Logic and Philosophy of Science (abbr. as PAL). Basic Data.

    2. Tadeusz Prucnal (1939-1998).
    An Obituary Notice (in Polish).

    3. E-mail Addresses of PAL Members.

    4. A Report on PAL Activities in 1997 (in Polish).

    5. PAL-related Meetings in 1998


    5-1. The 4th International Seminar on Relational Methods in Logic, Algebra and Computer Science.
    14-20 September, 1998.

    5-2. Turing Machine and Mechanization of Reasoning
    in the 50th Anniversary of Turing's Report Intelligent Machinery - II Workshop in Logic, Informatics, and Philosophy of Science. 27-30 September, 1998, Zakopane (Text in Polish).

    Papers read at PAL Session 1997
    (as reported in 4, above)

    6. Wendy MacCaull
    Relational tableaux for tree models, language models and information networks.
    LaTeX version (source in ASCII, 61K).
    Dvi version (for downloading, 75K).
    PostScript version (for downloading, 485K).

    7. John Cantwell
    Resolving conflicting information - a qualitative approach.
    PostScript version (for downloading, 166K).

    8. Grzegorz Malinowski
    Referential and inferential many-valuedness.
    LaTeX version (source in ASCII, 23K).
    Dvi version (for downloading, 32K).
    Associated format-file (for downloading, 18K).

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