Polish Logicians Portrayed
through Their
Representative Publications

The idea is simple. One who wishes to introduce oneself to prospective partners or readers, or else to the posterity, with respect to one's interests, views, methods and results, can do this as follows.

One selects a small number of what regards as her/his most representative publications, and makes them available at these pages. This can be done (a) either with providing some full texts (b) or with reporting one's main ideas and results as having been published (complete bibliographical data are required). Should one entartain thoughts not published yet but significant for the intended picture, those may be revealed too (with mentioning their private character). A combination of these two options is also thinkable. Texts in English are preferred as available to a wider audience.

As for technical details of case (a), those files to be submitted are most welcome which already exist somewhere in the Web, and could be linked with our site. Next to them, with respect to editorial convenience, are HTML files as well as those in plain ASCII, then those in TeX, PDF, PS; Word files are also acceptable. The preferred standard of Polish letters is Latin 2. -- In case (b), the files should be submitted either in plain ASCII or originally formatted in HTML (no automatic conversion from another format).

To start with, the Editor asked prof. Mieczysław Omyła (, the Head of Logic Section in the Instutute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw, to submit those papers which he regards as most representative for his research. He kindly reacted with sending two concise papers. Here are their descriptions while the texts themselves are available as Word files.

1. Non-fregean logic and ontology of situations. A paper held at Polish-Bulgarian Symposium on Logic and Its Applications, Toruń (Poland), 21-25 September, 1987. Published in Ruch Filozoficzny 47,no.1, 1989, pp. 27-30.

2. The principles of Non-Fregean Semantics for Sentences. The abstract of the paper at Logic Colloquium'88, Padoa 23-30 November, 1988. Published in The Journal of Symbolic Logic, 55, no.1 (1990), pp. 422-423. [To be added later.]

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