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On Leibniz's Philosophical Legacy

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No. 1 / Winter

QED Initiative
Mechanization of Reasoning
The Centenary
of Lvov-Warsaw School

No. 2 / Spring

Descartes, Leibniz (Anniversaries)
Formalized Mathematics -J.Harrison
Formalizing Mathematics
by Reformulations - M.Kerber
A Format for Proof Presentation - J.Grundy
Leibniz and Knowledge Engineering - W.Marciszewski)
On Logic and Rhetoric - J.Woleński et al

No. 3 / Summer

Introduction to MSE
Teaching Logic with MSE - H.J.Hoover & P.Rudnicki
Suppositional Logic in MSE - W.Marciszewski
MSE Introduction to Logic - M.Mostowski

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No. 4 / Winter

Intellectual Clearness according to Descartes
Empirical Clearness according to Peirce
Pragmatic Clearness according to James.
Intelligent Beliefs which Lack Clearness. On Pascal's Esprit de Finesse
Robbins Problem

Why Should we Read Leibniz
Introductory Comment
by Witold Marciszewski.
The format file to process with TeX if necessary, those files listed below which have the ".txt" extension.

1. Halina Swięczkowska
Language as the Mirror of the Mind.

DVI-text (74K) TeX-source ASCII-text (59K).

2. Witold Marciszewski
Leibniz's Idea of Automated Reasoning Compared with Modern AI

DVI-text (67K) TeX-source ASCII-text (57K).

3. Adam Drozdek
Leibniz: Struggles with Infinity

DVI-text (61K) TeX-source ASCII-text (48K).

4. Jerzy Kopania
Descartes' Great Thesis on Nature

DVI-text (40K) TeX-source ASCII-text (31K).

5. Anna Zalewska
A Criterion of Decidability of some Algorithmic Formulas

DVI-text (44K) TeX-source ASCII-text (41K).

6. Anna Zalewska
The Norms from the Point of View of a~Certain Logic of Programs

DVI-text (11K) TeX-source ASCII-text (11K).

7. Andrzej Malec
Norms and Programs

DVI-text (9K) TeX-source ASCII-text (8K).

8. Dariusz Surowik
Some Remarks about Intuitionistic Tense Logic

DVI-text (58) TeX-source ASCII-text (48K).

9. Kazimierz Trzęsicki
Omniscience, Omnipotence and Related Notions

DVI-text (30K) TeX-source ASCII-text (23K).

10. Andrzej Bogusławski
Gabriel Falkenberg (2.10.1950 - 16.02.1998)
Gabriel Falkenberg is the author of the thorough and imaginative essay on the Lvov-Warsaw School written specially for Mathesis Universalis. He collaborated with us also in other ways. His output is summed up by his friend and close collaborator - the head of the Chair of Formal Linguistics at Warsaw University.

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