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Papers Read at the Workshop
on Logic-Informatics Relations
in the Centenary of Emil L. Post's Birth

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No. 1 / Winter

  • Editoral Comments
  • QED Initiative
  • Mechanization of Reasoning
  • Lvov-Warsaw School Centenary (G.Falkenberg, J.Jadacki)

    No. 2 / Spring

  • Formalization of Mathematics (J.Harrison, M.Kerber, J.Grundy)
  • On Leibniz (W.Marciszewski)
  • Logic and Rhetoric (J.Woleński)

    No. 3 / Summer

  • Mizar-MSE Checker
    (H.J.Hoover & P.Rudnicki,
    W.Marciszewski, M.Mostowski)

    1 9 9 7

    No. 4 / Autumn

  • Classics of Rational Belief (Descartes, Peirce, James)
  • On demon-like procedures in forming beliefs (W.Marciszewski)
  • Robbins' Problem solved by computer!

    1 9 9 8

    No. 5 / Winter

  • Contributions to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of Leibniz's Birth

    No. 6 / Spring

  • The issue concerning the Polish Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science, including papers held at its International Session in November, 14, 1997.
  • 1. Roman Murawski
    E.L. Post and the Development of Mathematical Logic and Recursion Theory.
    LaTeX-formatted file. 34K

    2. Ewa Orłowska
    Post Algebras and Post Logics. 47K

    3. Grzegorz Malinowski
    Many-Valued Post Logics.
    LaTeX-formatted file. 27K

    4. Zenon Sadowski
    On the Development of Emil Post's Ideas in Structural Complexity Theory.
    LaTeX-formatted file. 11K
    Dvi file. 14K
    PostScript file. 52K

    5. Wiktor Dańko and Jolanta Koszelew
    The Post Correspondence Problem as a Tool for Proving Undecidability in Logics of Probabilistic Programs. 48K

    6. Jolanta Koszelew
    Some Methods for Qualifying Properties of Probabilistic Programs. 7K

    7. Piotr Wojtylak
    Axiomatizability of Logical Matrices.
    LaTeX-formatted file. 32K.

    8. Marcin Mostowski
    Computational Semantics for Monadic Quantifiers.
    LaTeX-formatted file. 37K.

    9. Witold Marciszewski
    Post's Problem of Creativity
    and `Nature as Infinite Intelligence'.

    10. Note submitted
    by the Polish Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science

    Jerzy Łoś - In Memoriam

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