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The Age of Intelligent Machines
by Raymond Kurzweil

Copyright © 1990, MIT Press

The Second Industrial Revolution

pp. 3-9

Evolution as an Intelligent Process

pp. 19-21

Mathematical Roots

pp. 103-08

A Kind of Turing Test

pp. 374-79

The World Chess Championship

pp. 407-09

Passing the Turing Test

pp. 414-16

Our Concept of Ourselves

pp. 447-49


pp. 434-38


pp. 459-63


pp. 465-83


pp. 541-52

Also published by:
MIT Press Paperback Edition, 1993
Hanser Verlag (German Edition), 1993
Conacyt (Spanish Edition), 1994

Copyright © 1996, Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.


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