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Let Aristotle's and Leibniz's pictures -- of that who created logic, and of that who first realized its mathematical essence and philosophical commitment -- dress up the entrance to this site. Let this express our Association's purpose of being a permanent round table for the logicians both of mathematical and of philosophical provenience.

Editor's Address

The PLS pages are to serve two integrative tendencies of our Association -- towards international collaboration, and collaboration among philosophers, mathematicians, computer scientists, natural scientists, social scientists, etc, all of them having logic (and related theories) as a powerful means for a methodological reflexion.

To facilitate collaboration, a special section at these pages is being run under the title Polish Logicians Portrayed through Their Representative Publications. With this device, a better mutual understanding among researchers exploring various fields may be expected.

As for international collaboration it can be best exemplified with an event of 1999, namely our Society's participation in the 11th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science in Cracow, Poland. The Congress programme contained Affiliated Symposium of the Polish Association for Logic and Philosophy of Science, held on August 24, attended by quite a number of Congress participants. In such a way, the Association has been presented to the international community of logicians. Moreover, during the Congress, at the General Assembly of the Division for Logic etc, the Association has been accepted as a member of this division. Besides, prof. Ewa Orlowska, the President of the Association, has been by the Assembly elected as an assessor to the Executive Committee of the Division (this fact being independent of the collective membership as mentioned above). These odds in the Association's favour should become still greater with its appearing in the Web.

    That PLS is hosted within the domain, is no accident. For that domain is dedicated to the issues of computing, reasoning, and metatheoretical inquiries -- as the main tools of research, exactly the same tools being the subject-matter of logic. The domain contains the Association's forum for theoretical discussions (while PLS is meant for practical purposes) entitled Mathesis Universalis. Anyone willing to contribute to our pages, or contact the Editor for any other reason, is kindly requested to address:

All the Readers, Contributors, Critics, and other Collaborators are warmly welcome.

September 3, 1999. Updated in May 5, 2000.

Witold Marciszewski

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